Case Studies

Customer Service Consistency

As with any independent business, customer service has to be key.  We have secured and retained our customer base over 16 years trading, providing excellent service and communication all the time, every time.

Case Studies

Member's owned golf course moves to cloud based solutions

This member’s owned golf club found themselves struggling with their old ISDN landlines and low-speed broadband. Take a look at how we improved their systems and connectivity.

Engineering company adopts a VoIP solution

Paying over the odds for roaming, find out how adopting a VoIP solution reduced this UK based engineering companies roaming costs by 26%.

High speed connectivity installed across Luxury living accommodation

With the impending 2025 PSTN switch-off coming, find out how our client, a luxury senior living accommodation, has future-proofed their business, while offering its residents high speed connectivity.

Increase productivity and save costs with a Hosted Voice Solution

A planned office move gave our client the perfect opportunity to review their current telecom infrastructure. Not only has moving to a Hosted Voice solution saved costs, its also increase productivity, giving its employees the opportunity to work from both the office and home.

M2M Solution delivers cost savings and scalability

M2M solutions can deliver real benefits for businesses in all kinds of sectors, from security and automotive to energy and healthcare. Find out how our client, a supplier of industrial inkjet printers benefitted from implementing an M2M Solution.

Call recording solutions for your business

At Cambridge Telecom we partner with the best, find out how our call recording solution helped our client reach full FCA accreditation.

Mobile connectivity via 4G routers

Read on to find out how we helped one customer use 4G mobile connectivity to provide a reliable broadband service to a remote office location.

P2P Connectivity

Find out how we delivered our client’s admin team with a vital broadband connection through P2P connectivity.