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Find out how we helped our customer achieve full FCA accreditation

Financial services legislation is constantly evolving. Regulatory scrutiny is increasing. Compliance is ever more complex. At the same time, regulated financial services businesses are dealing with hugely increased voice and data volumes.

Whether you’re an established multi-national or a start-up SME, it’s never been more important to ensure robust levels of compliance in the management of regulated information. Achieving that compliance cost-effectively demands efficient call management technology.

It’s not unusual for a financial services business to handle thousands, perhaps millions of calls per year. A streamlined, cloud-based unified communications (UC) system, allied with a reliable voice capture and retrieval solution, can help you take charge of all your customer interactions and ensure FCA compliance.

At Cambridge Telecom, we’re highly experienced in working with FCA-regulated companies to provide practical, cost-effective call and data management solutions. The following is just one example of how we helped one client launch their business with complete confidence…


We were briefed by a fledgling regulated securities exchange to provide FCA-approved data and voice connectivity, with efficient call management, recording and processing redundancy. The solution needed to deliver not only robust regulatory compliance, but also flexibility and scalability, with multi-site connectivity and call management functionality.

The Solution

Our solution was based on multi-circuit ethernet and ADSL broadband. To provide the UC platform, we turned to a market-leading VoIP system that’s perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. Being cloud-based, the system is highly cost-effective, with no need for major investment in infrastructure or set-up costs. It’s also flexible and scalable, delivering fully integrated communications across multiple locations.

For call recording functionality, we’ve partnered with Red Box, a world leader in voice recording technology. Their state-of-the-art platform is the most versatile available, while offering exceptional levels of performance and reliability. It can also be deployed very quickly at relatively low cost. Red Box captures back office, front office and mobile communications, as well as video calls, instant messages, SMS and screen grabs across landline phones, mobiles, trading turrets and PCs.

The Result

Our integrated UC and call recording solution helped the client achieve full FCA accreditation and they were able to implement a highly successful business launch.

Call Recording Solutions

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