Engineering company adopts a VoIP solution

Paying over the odds for roaming, find out how adopting a VoIP solution reduced this UK based engineering companies roaming costs by 26%.

Here at Cambridge Telecom, we work with an array of market sectors. Some organisations operate only in the UK, but some of our customers work internationally, with employees travelling all over the world. Seamless communication at an affordable price point has, until relatively recently, been almost impossible.

Our relationships with many of the country’s largest IT and telecoms providers mean we have access to a range of solutions, enabling us to implement the right communication platforms for our customers at the right price.

In our next mini case study, we look at how implementing a managed VoIP solution increased communication, productivity and reduced roaming costs for a UK-based engineering company.


Like many other companies who work overseas, our customer, a UK-based Engineering Company, operating worldwide in power generation, was paying over the odds for roaming charges and was struggling to enable team members working in different countries to collaborate on projects.

Working in over 50 countries, they wanted to look at ways to reduce costs while also streamlining their communications within the engineering department and head office. Removing old equipment and implementing a solution which worked effortlessly worldwide.

The Solution

After an initial meeting with the client to obtain a full understanding of their business, the countries they operate in and also their current system, our sales team got to work on putting together a telecoms solution that would work to their requirements and budgets.

We knew that implementing a managed VoIP solution would tick all the boxes and would allow for a fully managed and “locked-down” solution which was required.

Implementing a VoIP solution is not only cost-effective, but it’s also scalable. There is minimal office equipment, and it works on all connected devices, including mobiles, laptops and tablets. With mobiles and landlines working together as one, employees can work from anywhere, even abroad, with no reduction in productivity time.

The Result

By adopting a VoIP solution, it not only reduced their roaming charges by 26%, but it also enabled them to streamline their communications and enhance their way of working.

As the platform works across a multitude of devices, they removed the majority of their desk phones, opting to work from laptops and mobiles. A team of 70 engineers, managers and Directors was able to reduce the number of fixed desk phones to only four phones! Plus, the engineers working abroad were able to use completely managed handsets, which had full PBX-style functionality, even during their visits to Central America, Africa and the Middle East.


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