A members golf club moves to cloud based solution

Golf club moves to a cloud based solution

Fast broadband and cloud-based voice platforms offer many benefits for different organisations, big or small. In our new series of mini case studies, we take a look at how, through understanding our customers’ requirements and budgets, we have been able to assist them in implementing the right communication package for their businesses.

With the impending PSTN switch-off scheduled for 2025, many organisations are looking for ways to move their existing lines to a cloud-based solution. This can not only lead to a more flexible way of working but can also result in cost savings across the business. Take a look at our latest mini-case study and find out how we managed to save one customer 30% on their telecom spend.


Like many other organisations, a member’s owned golf club found themselves struggling with their old ISDN landlines and low-speed broadband. Not only did their phone systems need to be renewed, but they also needed better connectivity to run their modern booking and score entry systems effectively.

The Solution

At Cambridge Telecom, we pride ourselves on listening to our customer’s requirements and going the extra mile to understand their business, thus helping us to find the right solution. Following initial discovery meetings, we determined that cost was not the only criteria. Slow rural broadband was a significant brake on the company’s development and business continuity had not previously been considered. The agreed solution was to install two high speed fibre broadband connections further backed up with mobile broadband and all ISDN lines were moved to a cloud-based platform. Alongside this, and to bolster business continuity, we enabled business calls to be managed on mobile phones – another benefit of cloud-based solutions. Plus, we also installed a Meraki Go WiFi platform to provide secure connectivity for Members and a contact-point for visitors with data capture capability.

The Result

The addition of the new systems has not only enhanced their way of working, but it has also saved the customer 30% on their yearly telecoms spend, and the move away from ISDN to Hosted reduced their expected capital expenditure to zero!

The system also worked within their business continuity plan: the situation with coronavirus meant that no staff were on-site for a number of weeks, however, the club could continue to communicate with and support their members resulting in 99.8% retention and significant good will.

Hosted Voice

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There are many benefits to adopting a Hosted Voice Solution. Not only can it save your organisation costs, but it can also increase your employee productivity, giving them a more flexible work / life balance. Find out more today about how a Hosted Voice solution can benefit you.

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