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Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the concept of home working was beginning to gain traction in all kinds of industries, from banking to IT. While a comprehensive switch to home working now seems unlikely, what is emerging is a strong shift towards a flexible or ‘hybrid’ model, where employees can choose to reduce their time in the office each week.

Many more companies are seeing the benefits of flexible working, which include cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint. As for employees themselves, a growing proportion seem to like the idea of cutting down on commuting and achieving a better work-life balance.

Of course, the idea of hybrid working would be a non-starter without high-speed connectivity and next generation communications technology, most importantly VoIP. With advanced call management functionality over the internet, VoIP enables people to work and collaborate just as effectively at home as they do in the office.

Finding a reliable, cost-effective and secure high-speed connectivity solution is vital for any business looking to implement a flexible working model. And that’s where we can help. The following brief case study gives a taste of what we can offer…


One of our long-term customers is a City of London-based specialist in international employment law. A planned office move gave them the opportunity to review their communications systems, including looking at security and data protection. As a result, they decided to replace their traditional PBX system.

The Solution

We proposed a Hosted Voice solution, which delivers advanced call management and functionality, as well as easy scalability, without major investment in costly hardware or network infrastructure. Users can connect anywhere, anytime on any device, including mobiles, IP phones, PCs and tablets.

VoIP opens up the exciting new world of unified communications (UC), bringing together voice calls, video conferencing, instant messaging and desktop/document sharing – all on one easy-to-access cloud-based platform.

The Result

The move to Hosted Voice has enabled our client to make a seamless transition to a hybrid working model, which has resulted in increased productivity. This is against a backdrop of reduced operating costs, with minimal capital investment and ongoing maintenance. The built-in high-performance security software protects all users, enabling safe working from any location.

Hosted Voice

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The 2025 switch-off is a phrase we’re sure you’ve heard a lot. Get ahead today and future-proof your business by switching to a Hosted Voice Solution.

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