Make more of your business with Hosted Telephony

Posted 26th Jun 2018 under News

Hosted Telephony – it’s not a new concept, but it may not be the first telephony solution that comes to mind when you are looking for a communications package for your business.

Actually, though, Hosted Telephony – which can also be called Hosted VoIP, a Virtual Phone System, Cloud Communications or Cloud Voice – is going from strength to strength here in the UK. In Autumn 2017, Cavell reported that our hosted VoIP market had hit over 3 million users, making the UK the leader in Europe in terms of numbers of Hosted VoIP users.

While some early adopters of Hosted VoIP may have raised concerns about the quality of the first solutions on the market, the hard-hitting UK statistics above attest to the improvements in both quality and functionality. When you consider the benefits, which can really add up for your business, we believe Hosted Telephony is a solution that is here for the long haul.

So, what are the benefits and how easy is it to work with? Jon Anderton, our Managing Partner here at Cambridge Telecom, explains how Hosted Telecom could be a fit for your business.

What is Hosted Telephony?

Hosted Telephony is really quite simple: It’s a telephone system that is located in a data centre hosted in the Cloud. Calls can be made via IP handsets in exactly the same way as they would be on a traditional PBX network, and they are delivered, via broadband, to the ISP network, where they are routed out as usual.

Hosted Telephony – bottom line benefits

When it comes to your time, your space and, of course, your budgets, you need to know that the systems you are implementing in your business will have a positive impact on them all.

Quick and cost-effective to roll out, with no capital outlay required, Hosted Telephony enables flexible working at its best. It allows users to move their desk phone – together with the number associated with it – to other locations, giving you the power to answer calls anytime, anywhere.

It also allows you to both answer (and make) calls to (and from) your landline number via your mobile phone whenever you are away from your desk – helping with your disaster recovery planning as well as offering the freedom of remote working.

Hosted in the Cloud, this cost-effective system offers immediate space savings, with no need to invest in and find a home for clunky, often costly, on-site equipment…. and with no need to subscribe to expensive maintenance packages – reducing both your cap-ex and op-ex budgets.

One number, one supplier, and scalability at its best

Hosted Telephony really does simplify your system. You can deliver your customers true service excellence with just one phone number to remember for your business. What’s more, your own admin will be less onerous, with just one supplier to liaise with.

It’s also easy to add users on a Hosted Telephony system, enabling growth in pace with your business – pricing is simple, calculated per user, per month.

Plus, with features such as auto attendant, hunt groups and call transferring included in the package as standard, you won’t miss out on any useful extras that may currently be included in your traditional telephone system.

Make the most of Hosted Telephony with Cambridge Telecom

With two stand-out Hosted Telephony packages on offer – Daisy’s HV.Select and Vodafone’s One Net Business – there has never been a better time to switch to a Hosted Telephony solution with Cambridge Telecom. Helping you to make the most of Hosted Telephony, we will work with you to build the most effective telephony solutions for your business.

If you would like to find out what 3 million UK users have found appealing, allow us to tell you more. Please call Jon on 01223 661636 or email us at

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