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With the impending PSTN switch-off in 2025, many organisations are beginning to move away from their current telecoms infrastructure and are instead adopting a Hosted Voice platform.

Hosted Voice (or Unified Communications/ VoIP/ UC&C) is a concept that has been developed over the years to offer businesses the ability to communicate from anywhere, at any time using whichever device is most convenient. It offers seamless communications between your employees and customers and the option for flexible working amongst your staff. And that’s not all: it could even cut your telecoms expenditure especially because most of the bulky equipment, such as servers, can be removed.

But how does it work? Adopting a Hosted Voice Solution enables all your devices to work together. So, if someone calls your mobile phone number or your office number, calls can be answered on either your mobile, your desk phone or your laptop. Basically, wherever you are. Such a platform also provides an enterprise-level reception system allowing you to direct calls to individuals via hunt groups, transfer calls directly from one user to another or even provide automated call direction. With a Hosted Voice Solution, the end customer experience is not comprised; in fact, it’s enhanced because your business will be more accessible.

At Cambridge Telecom, we will take the time to understand your business and requirements, ensuring we select the right product to fit your needs. Call us today and find out how adopting a Hosted Voice Solution can not only increase your productivity but reduce your costs.

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