Luxury senior living gets ahead of 2025 switch-off

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We’re living in a super-connected world. Without access to high speed broadband, businesses and individuals can get left behind, unable to access the economic and social advantages that are being delivered by advanced communications technology.

The benefits of high-speed connectivity speak for themselves. For businesses it’s about being able to work and collaborate more efficiently, productively and profitably. For home users it’s about having fast, reliable access to a world of services, entertainment and social interaction channels.

The switch to fibre is driving this connectivity revolution. Trials are already underway to replace the ageing copper network with super-fast ‘full fibre’ and 2025 will see the switch-off of all PSTN and ISDN services.

Now’s the time for all businesses to be planning for a full fibre future. And at Cambridge Telecom we can help you find a practical, cost-effective solution. Here’s a brief case history of one of our recent successes…


Our client is a company that provides luxury senior living with award-winning care. We’ve been working closely with them for over a decade, providing mobile, broadband and fixed-line services to their head office and each of their high-end residential developments. With the planned switch-off of ISDN services in 2025, they needed to source a replacement solution to deliver high-speed connectivity for their new-build properties.

The Solution

SIP Trunking is a flexible, cost-effective solution to providing advanced VoIP communications for small and medium-sized businesses. Because SIP Trunks transfer calls over the internet, there’s no need to maintain separate networks for voice and data.

In this case we proposed SIP Trunks sitting on a dedicated one-gigabit, dual circuit ethernet connection. This has the capacity to deliver robust voice connectivity to all residents’ apartments, with the second circuit having geographic and built-in redundancy, as well as automatic fail-over, to ensure minimum risk of service interruption. The gigabit connectivity also has enough capacity to support all other internal systems.

The Result

Due to the success of the initial installations, this high-speed connectivity solution is being rolled out across the whole group. It’s a perfect example of how you can future-proof your business ahead of the 2025 PSTN and ISDN switch-off.

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