Point to Point Connectivity

Suffolk-based hospitality business implements point to point connectivity

Connectivity is vital to every business in today’s technology-driven world. It’s not just about having robust and flexible channels of communication with customers, suppliers and colleagues. It’s also about being able to work smarter with hosted software and services that improve productivity, efficiency and profitability.

BT’s ongoing fibre roll-out is dramatically improving connectivity access for businesses across the UK. However, there will always be hard-to-reach locations which require alternative solutions to standard fibre network connectivity, particularly in rural or semi-rural locations. Even on the same site, there can be logistical challenges in deploying broadband connectivity to particular office buildings or production units.

One solution is point-to-point (P2P) connectivity. Providing a path from one fixed point to another, P2P provides a direct connection over the airwaves.

P2P can be delivered over a distance of 25km but, sometimes, a 10m gap on site can be insurmountable with a traditional wired solution. The following case study shows how we helped one customer use P2P to deploy a broadband connection to part of their premises…


Our client is a Suffolk-based hospitality business, operating a leisure complex comprising a bar, restaurant and golf course. A good broadband connection was already available in the site’s main building. However, the admin team are based in a smaller office building, separated from the main part of the complex by a busy driveway.

Excavating the driveway to lay underground cabling was not an option because it is in permanent use by staff, guests, visitors and delivery drivers. It was also not practical to install overhead cabling because the driveway is regularly used by high-sided vehicles.

The Solution

We proposed a point-to-point connectivity solution, providing a direct connection between the main part of the complex and the office outbuilding. This was the most cost-effective way of delivering reliable broadband connectivity.

The Result

P2P proved to be a practical way of providing the client’s admin team with a vital broadband connection, enabling them to work productively and efficiently, and to engage more effectively with customers. Having a P2P connection also provided them with high levels of security and quality of service. At the same time, our solution resulted in minimal disruption to staff, guests, visitors and suppliers during installation.


Connectivity, the life blood of your business

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