How full fibre can help you improve customer experience

Good customer service has always been one of the key principles of sound business practice.

Posted 16th Jan 2023 under News

Full fibre and the customer experience

Good customer service is very much at the forefront of our business strategy here at Cambridge Telecom. And, with full fibre connectivity, every business has the power to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Giving customers great service can deliver real payback. They’re more likely to buy from you again, and they’ll hopefully share their good experience with their friends and relatives.

Before the Internet, businesses had limited opportunities to improve the ways they engage with their customers. Now connectivity is the lifeblood of commerce, and the communications landscape is evolving in a big way. The planned switch-off of analogue telephone services (PSTN and ISDN) in 2025 is focusing everyone’s minds. It’s time to consider making the move to a full-fibre solution.

Smart business owners will see this not as a challenge but as an opportunity. Why? Because full fibre connectivity is the gateway to an exciting new world of digital communications that can deliver enhanced customer experience. It could help you win business and put you one step ahead of your competitors.

Improve customer engagement with VoIP

With fast, resilient, full fibre connectivity, you can take full advantage of the benefits of IP Voice (VoIP) technology, also known as Hosted Communications. With VoIP, advanced call-handling features give any business the kind of capability that would previously only have been available to large corporations with expensive switchboard systems and extensive call centre resources.

The most obvious benefit in customer service terms is that you need never miss another call. Programmable features such as hunt groups and auto attendants ensure incoming calls are routed directly to available personnel, saving customers long holding times. Additional features such as call diversion and instant messaging add to the call handling flexibility.

The VoIP phone system can also link to your CRM system, giving the call handler instant access to customer data, including real-time service updates. That means the customer doesn’t have to go through a lengthy explanation process each time they make contact.

Unified Communications
VoIP over full fibre connectivity also enables the concept of Unified Communications (UC). It’s an exciting new world in which inbound and outbound voice communications can integrate seamlessly with internet apps, such as real-time chat, email and social media. This multi-channel contact management provides a truly integrated approach to customer engagement.

Anytime, anywhere
With the advanced call-handling features of VoIP, your staff can answer calls from any location, 24/7/365. It’s perfect for homeworkers, itinerant sales execs or those regularly commuting between various office locations. Each member of your staff can also have their own number and extension, which means customer relationships can be strengthened by providing direct access to a single point of contact.

The importance of resilience
When it comes to full fibre connectivity and customer service, speed and the power to run bandwidth-hungry UC apps are just parts of the picture. Another key advantage is resilience. Full fibre is much more reliable than connectivity delivered via a hybrid of fibre and copper. Therefore, you’re at much less risk of costly downtimes or vital customer calls being cut off.

Sharing your full fibre potential
Good connectivity is not just a way of improving customer service. It can also become an attractive part of your service offering in its own right. Customers who visit your premises will be delighted to find that they can stay in touch with their own colleagues and customers. You could even confidently offer hot-desking facilities to external users.

Full fibre connectivity for hospitality and entertainment
The hospitality and entertainment sectors are all about customer experience. That’s why connectivity has become so important for all kinds of businesses, from hotels and restaurants to theatres and live music venues. Full fibre connectivity can deliver the speed and reliability these businesses need to deliver great customer service, from easy online booking and e-ticketing to faster, smoother payment processing.

Full fibre can also enable a better onsite experience. For example, if you offer free wi-fi, you can curate what content the user receives, giving them relevant information on forthcoming attractions, venue facilities etc.

Switch to full fibre now
At Cambridge Telecom, we can help you make the most of full-fibre connectivity. Don’t wait until the PSTN switch-off forces your hand. Now’s the time to make the move and discover how full fibre connectivity can take your customer experience to the next level. If full fibre isn’t available in your area right now, we’ll let you know when it’s expected and keep you updated, so you can switch as soon as possible.

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